La Fonte olives at the mill


The three varieties of harvested olives are: Raggiola, Morella and Corniola.
The Raggiola is lighter, greener and longer than the other olives.
The Morella looks like the Raggiola, but is darker.
The Corniola, on the other hand, is rounder, smaller and more difficult to harvest with rakes.
📣 The olives will be processed to obtain La Fonte extra virgin olive oil that can be purchased by contacting the farm!


pool during the fall/winter season


In October Marco closed the pool.
Our pool is open during the hot period and is the perfect place to cool off during the summer.
Our guests can take advantage of the pool, which is not open to outdoor users, relax in the middle of the green, sunbathing, take a shower and swim in the salt water.

The pool is closed during the winter to preserve the structure for the summer period. Marco covers it with a special cover that doesn’t let the light pass, to avoid seaweed, and prevents pine leaves and needles from falling into water.
In the middle of the pool a pump automatically activates when rain reaches about 2 centimeters high above the cover. This way we avoid the swimming pool water to leaking out of the pool.
Marco washes the pool filter thoroughly and remove deck chairs, beds, umbrellas and ladders.

This way in spring everything will be ready for a new reopening!


The grubber

In September we plowed our hay field.

We had planned to further work the field with the grubber between late September and early October. Unfortunately, because of some rainy days, the field was too muddy. So we decided to wait a few weeks.
The further wait paid off, Marco worked the soil with a grubber!

The grubber allows you to remove roots still in the ground, break the previously plowed clods, refine and partially level the soil.
At this point our soil can rest for the fall and the first part of winter waiting for the harrow and sowing!

olive harvest

the olive harvest

As every year the olive harvest is approaching…
We really care about this activity.

We care a lot because it’s a family activity!

We care a lot because with harvested olives we produce our delicious extra virgin olive oil!
The oil to be extra virgin must have an acidity index between 0 and 0.8%. La Fonte oil has an acidity index of 0.01%.
We care a lot because the olive grove, with the 400 olive trees, is in the farmhouse near the apartments.

And we care a lot because our customers can follow all the phases of the collection, visit with us the mill and taste our oil!

In the photo, Paola during the harvest.

cloths drying in the sun

The poetry of cloths drying in the sun!

An Italian habit that is handed down from generation to generation. A tradition that has not only characterized the alleys of the historic centers of our cities, but also has had so much space in Italian cinema and, for a long time, in our imaginary.

Threads lying between the buildings and moved by pulleys or protruding from balconies to let cloths have enough space to be moved by the wind and to be warmed up by the sunlight.
Tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, freshly washed clothes color the buildings facades, old alleys, courtyards and farmyards.

At La Fonte, we kept this tradition alive!
We made a large wooden drawer above the English lawn. The wires are long and spaced and the colorful towels swaying in the wind give a sense of joy and peace!
This task is a sunny day routine in the farmhouse life.

We have a lot of space and we know that the cloths drying in the sun have a particular scent that cannot be reproduced indoors or with the help of a dryer. A more intense scent that enhances soap…!



One of the most important jobs during the fall includes all the activities dedicated to wood.

Marco has already stacked 600 tons of wood!
He made two paddles, one of branches and one of logs.
The two paddles are located outside the view of the apartments near the large plowed field, which will be grown in hay.
Do you remember? We wrote a post a few weeks ago about this field.

The branches will be cut during the long drying process.
Instead the logs will first be split into four parts and then cut into strains that will be stacked drying in an outdoor woodshed.
The outdoor woodshed is in the farmhouse area adjacent to the one dedicated to our beautiful courtyard animals: goats, geese, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl!

Wood will then be used for fireplace, stove, wood oven and barbecues.

plowed field


September is the month of transition from summer 🌞 to autumn 🍂.
The pool is still running and open spaces are still green, but at the same time we start preparing for autumn and the next season.

Marco has already plowed a large field that is located inside the farmhouse, outside the view of the apartments, but easily reachable with a walk in the green.

This field, today only moved ground clots, will be grown in hay.
We’ll have a nice green lawn in April and the first cut of hay in May!

And then… hay ballets for our beautiful horses!
Horses that our clients often see walking and trotting among the olive trees of the farmhouse!

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