We believe that weddings and parties should be hosted in special locations, that’s why we’d love to host your next one here

Create a moment of joy

Weddings and celebrations are at home here, as La Fonte is the perfect frame where to celebrate once-in-a-lifetimes moments.


Cooking masterclasses, wine tasting, wood oven cooking sessions, yoga classes in the indoor hall for events and outdoor in the summertime, bike renting for excursions, or star gazing guided by an astronomer, are all available to please the passions our guests want to fulfil, deepening their relationship with nature and cultural tradition. 

Your wedding at La Fonte means to make it truly special

At La Fonte you can have your highly personalized wedding party, and much more. In fact, it’s passible also to celebrate legal ceremonies on site, surrounded by the evocative panorama of the Umbrian hills. 


The organization will be customized with catering, florist, photo and video-maker, live music, hairdresser and make-up artist: all working together to turn a dream-like day into reality. 

Learn and taste all the secrets of Italian cousin with our Cooking Masterclass

The “Chef at Home” format is hosted for guests who want to taste exquisite dishes while learning how to prepare local Italian food with local ingredients. 


A great experience for any lover of iconic Italian flavours that desire to discover the secrets that make them so delicious.  

Discover the richness of Umbria’s wine, sip by sip.

Wine has a big role in gastronomical tradition, in Italy but particularly in Umbria, where the generous soil of the land provides all those nutrients that make viticulture so rich. Through this event we promote the precious regional small bio-dynamic and natural wineries, bringing a different area under the spotlight at each appointment.


At La Fonte you will be able to dive into this universe thanks to our professional Sommelier, that will bring a selection of local wines and accompanying food to make your tastebuds discover wineries and flagrances that go beyond any expectation. 

Every sight is a story with our local astronomer

Our local astronomer will bring you right on the darkest place of the hill, just to admire the outstanding starfield that every night covers La Fonte like a blanket. There, he will illustrate every hidden secret of the sky, taking you on a journey between stars and constellations.