From the North


From Florence: Take the A1 highway towards Rome, exit at Bettolle. Take the four-laneexpressway (RA6) towards Perugia, do not exit at Perugia but continue towards Cesenaand exit at Ponte Felcino. From Cesena (exit Cesena Nord on the A14): Take the E45towards Rome, exit at Ponte Felcino.


From the South


From Rome: take the A1 highway towards Florence, exit at Orte. Take the four-laneexpressway (SS675) towards Terni, continue towards Perugia. Do not exit at Perugia butcontinue on the E45 towards Cesena and exit at Ponte Felcino.


From Ponte Felcino


Turn left passing under the expressway (instead turn right if coming from Cesena), thenturn right and continue straight for about 3 km. Pass an IP gas station on the left, after 1km you will reach Ponte Rio, shortly after there is a right sign for Montelaguardia, turn andclimb the hill entirely. Cross the neighborhood of Montelaguardia, after which you willfind,on the right, a clearing serving as a terminus for buses. There the road forks, take the oneascending on your left side towards Monte Bagnolo and, after about 1.7 km on a slight leftcurve, you willfind a sign indicating La Fonte, after 3.3 km of well-maintained dirt road, youhave arrived.


We advise against it, but if you wish to rely on GPS please follow these instructionsFirst get to the “L’insolito Caffè” in Montelaguardia and then insert the following coordinates:


43.157113, 12.392676


From here take the white road on your right and after 3.3km you are here at La Fonte.For more information check out Paola directions by downloading the dedicated map!

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